Air cargo

Shoes packed into shoeboxes have more volume than weight. The trick is to reduce the volume weight to the actual weight, because who wants to pay for empty space?

Fortunately there is Topfinish Savings System. In Dutch, Topfinish Besparings Systeem (TBS).

  1. Saving the environment
  2. Quality is guaranteed
  3. Delivery speed by choosing for aircargo
  4. Optimal cost efficiency



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Example calculation

Mind this!

  • The price per pair is depending on the weight and size of the shoe.
  • When the kg price is higher, you can save more, because the costs of Topfinish remains the same.
Luchtvr. prijs per kgConventioneel in euro’s en ppTBSVoordeel met TBS
Pump450 gr.€ 3,003,002,60/pp0,40/pp
€ 4,504,573,37/pp1,20/pp
Boot900 gr.€ 3,005,004,02/pp0,98/pp
€ 4,507,885,85/pp2,03/pp
Laars1050 gr.€ 3,0011,706,00/pp5,70/pp
€ 4,5017,557,88/pp9,67/pp


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