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Finish leather shoes

It is the finish that is responsible for the look and feel of leather shoes. As an entrepreneur, you know that batches of shoes, often bought in Asia, can have a few bad apples in them. Rather than tossing these aside, thus diminishing your own revenue, have these shoes treated by Topfinish. The result is leather shoes with an excellent finish, ready to be sold at your store.

Finish leather shoes: save money and time at Topfinish

By using the services of Topfinish, you can count on over 30 years of experience in leather treatment of shoes, furniture and vehicle interiors. We offer you specialized equipment and expertise for a quick and proper finish for all leather shoes. This saves both time and money, since your shoes will be available for retail a lot faster.

Topfinish restores leather shoes to their former glory

A quality check is often missing, or done according a different standard, at many foreign fabricators. Topfinish makes sure that all shoes which are damaged during transport, moldy due to exposure to moist, and poorly fabricated shoes, are repaired, and ready to be sold once more. It doesn’t matter whether you have a batch of 80, or 800 shoes, each individual shoe receives the attention and treatment that is required. Tell us what you what finish you want, and to how many shoes this finish needs to be applied by calling at +31 416 560071.

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