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Leather car interior restoration

A leather car interior looks very classy, yet with the passing of time, proper restoration becomes necessary. Leather wears out after intense use, making leather car interior restoration useful for taxi companies, commercial airliners and private car owners that want to keep their car in top shape. Topfinish is able to restore the interior of your car to near-mint condition.

Improve durability using leather car interior restoration services

Topfinish restores your car interior by carrying out repairs, polishing or brushing the leather and removing mold. Our service however, continues. During the restoration process, a special finish is applied to your leather car interior, making it more resistant against bleaching from the sun, scratches and other harmful influences. As a matter of fact, your car interior will be in the best shape it has been since it rolled of the production line!

We guarantee a swift restoration

We understand that you need your car back as quickly as possible. Due to our specialized machines and expert employees, some with over 30 years of experience, Topfinish is capable of restoring your car interior quickly and efficiently. Naturally, the total duration depends on the current state of the interior. Care to know how quick your car interior can be restored? Ask us by calling at +31 416 560071.

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