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Leather furniture restoration

If your leather furniture starts to fade and the material loses its flexibility, restoration is way to go. At Topfinish, we are big fans of leather as furniture covering. The look, the smell, the feel, all of it radiates a sense of class, comfort and style. It is no surprise either that many people are very attached to their leather furniture. It is a piece of their own personal history. Our leather reconditioning service breaths life back into your old furniture. Find out how!

Leather furniture restoration: our service starts at your doorstep

Topfinish offers clients several additional benefits, not likely to be found at other companies. We have our own transport and storage service. We strive to make our services as convenient as possible by picking up your furniture and, if needs be, store it for a period of time. After the restoration of your leather furniture is completed, we will deliver your property back to you. Meanwhile you have the time to focus on the job at hand, running your business and living your life.

The process of our leather reconditioning service

Like every restoration process, our reconditioning service starts with proper cleaning of the leather. Once this is completed the following steps make sure your furniture is delivered back to you in top shape:

  • Degreasing and removing the top finish
  • Tape, if necessary
  • First colour coating which is washed in
  • Second colour coating using spraypaint
  • A colourless finish that protects the leather and determines the gloss or dull look

Note that our leather reconditioning service is infinitely cheaper then buying new furniture and you cannot even tell the difference between your reconditioned, and new furniture! Why wait? Call us today at +31 416 560071.

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