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Leather reconditioning

Leather furniture reconditioning is a great way for restoring the colour and texture of your furniture. Leather has many benefits, including a luxurious look and feel, easy to clean surfaces, and the durability of the material. These are some of the reasons why leather furniture is popular in restaurants, hotels, bars, and of course, in the living room. Since intense use of furniture wears out the leather, furniture reconditioning by Topfinish is an effective way of restoring furniture to its original glory.

Why leather furniture reconditioning is more beneficial than buying new furniture

Leather may very well be one of the longest-serving materials known to man. It has been used by cavemen, the ancient Greeks and Romans, kings and peasants alike. The reason? Leather is highly versatile, flexible, and durable. All qualities that allow for the perfect reconditioning of your leather furniture! Even if leather starts to fade or dry up, a professional treatment is usually enough to breathe life back into your old furniture. And due to our expert services, this will always be a lot cheaper than buying new furniture!

An overview of the reconditioning process

Once your leather furniture arrives at our workshop the leather is first cleaned, degreased, and the top finish is removed. The next stage involves several treatments, including two colourings. After the leather is smooth, flexible, and sprayed in the right colour, a colourless coating is applied which protects the material and determines the level of gloss or dullness.

Value added services for professional clients

Reconditioning leather furniture for your business can get a little tricky and, most of all, time consuming. So we decided to make it easier for you. Our employees will come by and pick up the furniture that needs reconditioning. If desired, we will even store your furniture in our own storage facility. And to keep you fully updated on the process, all orders are photographed prior, during, and after treatment, and stored in a file to which you have access at all times.

Tell us when to pick up your furniture

Contact Topfinish today and tell us when and where we need to pick up your furniture. Based on the type of furniture and the quantity, our employees will provide you with an accurate estimate of the price. Any questions regarding our services may also be directed at our most helpful customer service. Call us at +31 416 560071. Be sure to check out our Facebook page as well for a closer look into our process and examples of reconditioned leather furniture.

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