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Leather problems

We have all seen examples of common leather problems. Some of these problems involve the leather itself. Cracks in motorcycle- and car seats for instance, are often the result of a worn out, protective top layer. Other problems are attributed to environmental factors. Spilling soup on your favourite chair, the puppy that chose your best pair of leather shoes to pee in, or little Suzy or James decided that your leather couch looks better with colourful crayon stripes. Whatever the problem, how do you fix it?

We offer the solution to all of your leather problems

You can fix some leather problems yourself rather easily, if you have the right product. At Topfinish, we have over 30 years of experience and our very own laboratory where we develop effective leather treatment products in collaboration with our leather supplier. Other problems, however, require a more thorough treatment. In our workshop in the Netherlands we can restore leather furniture, shoes and car interiors to perfect condition. During this process the leather is cleaned, coloured and treated with a protective coating.

What can we do for you?

Solving leather problems is what we do best at Topfinish. Contact our workshop by calling at +31 416 560071 and tell what which of your leather products needs restoration. Our employees offer you a fitting solution.

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