Coen van Rooij

Coen van Rooij is an old-school finish master. Born between shoe factories and tanneries, it’s no surprise that working with leather became his job.

Through the years he became a specialist in restoring all kinds of leather products. Shoes, car-interiors, boats, planes, furniture, bags, clothes, you name it.

His name and the name Topfinish are well-known in the Netherlands and beyond it’s borders. Working with products from Stahl Europe and as distributor for this company in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands Coen van Rooij has also become a consultant for their finish and aftercare products.


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Three pillars of our craftsmanship

Thorough knowledge of products

Our craftsmanship is based on knowledge of leather and finishing products. After 30 years, our product knowledge is so broad that we advise other finishers and distribute finishing products ourselves.

30 years' experience in leather finishing

For 30 years, we have been analysing leather types and conditions, restoring leather traditionally and professionally, creating leather designs and inventing our own finish recipes. You can recognise the master at his work.

Eye for perfect leather colouring

There is no standard colour system for the colouring of real leather. It requires insight. With our sharp eye, our instinctive feel and our product knowledge, we can create exactly the right colour recipe for you.