Reconditioning of shoes

Overseas shipments not as expected? Save them from the shredder and call Topfinish.

Topfinish has a solution for every problem, every material. We make an unsaleable product saleable again. In the shortest time possible. No empty shelves, minimal loss. Curious about the quality we can deliver? We will always provide a sample, no strings attached. 



When shoes fail a quality check due to scratches, glue residue or stains, we can fix it. If necessary we replace insoles, laces and eyelets. If your shoes are produced with a private
label and you can’t sell them, we can de-brand them by removing the brand name of the insock and changing the tissue paper, shoeboxes and labels.

Removing odours

Stinky shoes don’t sell. An unpleasant smell is often caused by glue, chosen material or moisture. Nine times out of ten, Topfinish has the solution. We remove or neutralise the odour.

Removing mould

Mould is everywhere. It will only grow under the right circumstances, like certain temperatures and humidity. It starts in the factory or during transport in a container. Despite all carefully taken precautions like spraying with mould killers or sticking mould killing tape in shoeboxes, every now and then mould will grow.

Topfinish can solve this problem by cleaning each shoe individually, inside and out. We use compressed air and a biological mould killing spray, friendly for the environment and the people who work with it.

Shoe colours

Colour difference? No problem for Topfinish.

When the colour of the end product doesn’t completely match the confirmation samples, there is a chance that your client will reject the whole batch of shoes. No worries, we can fix this by producing the exact colour or look your client ordered.

Shoe packaging

Are the shoes packed in solid size, but your client demands assortments? We can do that for you. Including relabelling the boxes.

We supply all types of packaging, such as outer packaging, shoe boxes, tissue paper, labels and plastic bags. Everything you need to get shoes in excellent condition to be sold.

Quality Control of shoes

To make sure your client has nothing to complain about, we can carry out a full quality inspection in our warehouse before delivery. We check colour, stains, glue residue, assortments, shape, labelling etc. Our skilled team knows what to look out for.

Why choose Topfinish?

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • We think along
  • A sustainable solution
  • Act quickly

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