Value added services & bulk lots

Topfinish provides value added services for every shipment, whether it concerns shoes or other items, no matter what quantity. With our own skilled team, we are fast and flexible. We can assemble, mend, package, clean, reprice and more.



If a label is incorrect, Topfinish can correct it. On the item, boxes, cartons, bags, or wherever else needed. We supply the materials and arrange transport when needed.


Do you want your item packed or re-packed? One phone call and Topfinish will fix that. We have close contacts with packaging suppliers. Our packers do the rest.

Why choose Topfinish?

Over 30 years of experience

Think along

Sustainable solution

Act quickly

Quality check

No surprises. Anything can happen before a product arrives at its final destination. A quality check is therefore highly recommended. If you don’t have the time and space to do it yourself, call us.

We check shipments according to your or your customer’s standard. If necessary, we will correct the problem immediately. From fixing defects and manufacturing errors to repairing damage and removing stains. 


If there is something wrong with the delivered product, we will take action. We will fix production errors, transport damage or other issues quickly and flexibly. On all materials. Want to see some results? We can make some samples and set a price in advance.

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